Sunday, August 4, 2013

How to Dress Kids in Wedding
Weddings are special occasions in which everyone, not just the bride and groom, wants to look their best. Men make sure they look handsome in their best suits, women don't leave their house until they're wearing their best dress and feel beautiful, and that means kids can't stay behind. Regardless of the age, a kid that's all dressed up for a wedding always looks adorable - and isn't that what all parents want?

How to make sure that your child is ready and looks adorable the day of the wedding you're attending? If it's a girl, there are countless dresses to choose from. 

Dresses with satchels are among the top dresses for girls to wear to a wedding. Not only is the color of the satchel a nice contrast to the rest of the dress, making it stand out more, but it also adds a little bit of waistline and a puff to the bottom of the dress, giving your little girl a princess look. Want to make your little girl look extra cute? Make sure her satchel matches the color of the wedding decorations. 

Dresses with floral decorations are also a favorite for many, especially because there's a number of ways floral decorations can be added to a dress. If it's a satchel dress, you can add a flower to the satchel. Another creative twist on this is having rose petals at the bottom of a satin dress. This is a nice contrast, the petals give your little girl an elegant and very chick look, and if you get the petals to match the color of the wedding decorations, she'll stand out even more. 

A third and also great choice for a wedding is the Pick Up Dress. Most come in bright colors, which are perfect for occasions like weddings, and the way in which it's layered gives the dress an extra puffiness at the bottom, perfect for making any little girl look even more adorable. 

Wondering how to dress up your little boy and make sure he looks as handsome as can be? A suit is what you want. Little boys are cute when they're dressed up, but when you put a little boy in a suit for a wedding, he will easily catch everyone's attention at the wedding. There are two different types of suits you can choose from for your little one. 

The first one is the vest set. While vest suits usually come in black, grey and blue, the color of the shirt and tie can be just about any color you think your little boy will look best in. You can even get the color to match the wedding decorations to look extra prepared. 

You can take things one level higher by going with the second option: the tuxedo. Not only is a tuxedo a lot more formal and reserved for special occasions such as weddings, but it will also have everyone admiring how handsome and adorable your little boy looks

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