Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Guide to Raising a Well- Rounded Child
As parents we want our children to look their best. They are a true representation of our parenting. We strive to make sure that their hair is neatly in place and clothing is immaculate. A physical representation is only part of a sign that you are a good parent. In addition to taking care of children physically, parents instill core values and beliefs. With the hope that we create well- rounded child. This is no easy task. 

Developing a well rounded child does not happen overnight. There are building blocks used throughout your child life. Family support is crucial. As a parent our goal is to make sure that our children feel confident, competent and secure. Actively encourage children to develop positive traits. This form of positive conditioning will become innate in the years to come. What is really important is that children pick up on what we see do. Allow them to see you engaging in behavior that mirror what you expect from them. 

As parents we are our children best role models. If we want them to be leaders of tomorrow, we have to start at home, today. Practice developing character by doing. To help children to better understand about sharing and giving we have to teach empathy. Why not take part in a toy drive. Make them understand that there are people who are needy, and we should help out when we can. To get a sense of community, allow your children to take part in activities that interact with the public. Throughout these learning activities, be sure to continue to praise your child. They will feel like what they contribute matter. In return building confidence and developing leadership skills.

 Every child is unique and it is important to nourish their abilities individually. If your child is artistic, purchase supplies that can help him or her enhance their creativity. A child with a love of sports, music, and dance will benefit from time with you to develop these skills. Parents should continue to find opportunities to feed their thirst for knowledge. Continue to maximize your child learning experience.  

Being a mom is a nonstop gig. We invest a lot of time, effort to help our children grow. Sure, as parents we plant the seeds that help shape a well rounded child. Our actions should be in good nature and a true reflection of what we are trying to teach our children. Be sure to have wholesome family time, praise with hugs and correct mistake through learning experience. Remember, children imitate what we do at a young age. 

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