Monday, June 17, 2013

Top 5 Flower Girl Dress in 2013

Smiles and rose petals are what little flower girls are made of, and when it comes to what type of flower girls dress they will be wearing for the big event well the choices are plenty. Every little girl wants to look like a dream for the part of the wedding she is in, so that “all perfect” flower girl dress is important to her. There are a huge variety of styles, shapes and colors to choose from, but it all depends on the theme, look, and desire of the bride on what the flower girl will be wearing.

There are a few choices in 2013 that seem to be topping the board in flower girls dresses and curly bottom dresses are one of them. With an ever-changing fashion life, curly bottom dresses seem to be a perfect choice that can fit almost every wedding theme. Fun, the curly bottom dress is silky and light as it sways around the calves of the child wearing it. Topped with rose petals or other small designs the colors are endless and the style perfect to present to the people attending the event the first look into the beauty of the wedding. Fluffy and layered to puff out and the bottom edges distinctly curled into small bottom ruffles, the curly bottom dress is beautiful and unique.

Organza Embroidery Purple

The organza flower girl dress is somewhat a little more reined in and Victorian. Most organza dresses, are gathered at the waist and tucked under at the hem. The look is very elegant as varieties of high-end fabrics creates a one of kind and breathe taking styles for the wearer. Some organza dresses have small details that accent the theme of the wedding or big event.

One extremely fashionable and surprising flower girl dress that is quickly becoming highly is the rose petal dress. Many brides are choosing this style to be part of their wedding theme. Lacey and light the rose petal dress consists of a strong bottom layer of satin covered with top layers of netting or tulle. Large perfectly crafted rose petals are inserted into the layers so that they fall to the hem of the dress where they out line the bottom beautifully. This looks catches the eye and make for a double take almost certain. The splash of color makes the rose petal flower girl dress, a dress
to remember and smile about.

The classic flower dress is always an option if you are looking for a more reserved and refined flower girl dress. Thick layers cover the dress that forms this dress into a short flair straight-line dress. Regardless if the dress is ivory, white or with a solid color, the classic dress is seemly formal and elegant keeping with the theme of a gathering that has a touch of class.

Three Layers Dress White
The last special dress of the season to make the top five is the pickup dress. This dress is one of the most favorite dresses any child can wear. Longer than most, thick and silky with under lace layers it is made so that the dress will be puffy and prominent. The pick-up dress with ease as the wearer holds onto the sides and pick it up slightly as she flows along the walk way. This dress often says “WOW” as the people watching the event see a little bit of history and modern day come together designed to bring some fun and flair to the event.

A flower girl dress can set the pace and feel for what is to come, so making sure her little dress is a hit can be important. She will bring smiles and giggles as she graces everyone with her style and personality, while she is wearing the dress chosen for just her.


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